Meet the characters at the heart of the saga

Dive deeper into the captivating world of MYTH and get to know the characters that breathe life into every page. From brave heroes to mysterious mythical creatures, discover the stories behind the trio of Black, Pep, Arizona and their unique kin. Learn more about their powers, challenges and the unbreakable bonds that unite them in the fight against evil.

Discover the souls that bring this world to life

The heroes and legends of MYTH

No character in MYTH was created in the same way.

It often started with Tobias describing the character as a person. For some characters (such as Black and Pep), Tobias gave me very precise instructions on how they should look.

Characters like Arizona & Hawk, for example, I completely redesigned according to my own preferences – and with Poseidon or Amphitrite I had complete freedom in how I designed them visually. So if Tobias didn’t have an exact vision of the characters, I had complete freedom.


Alexander “BLACK” Aquus

Black’s rough nature makes it difficult for other people to get close to him. His trademarks include his glove, as well as the black leather jacket he was given for a special occasion. Black is related to one of the 4 great dragons – the Leviathan – which makes him one of the four dragon sons.


Arizona Keen

Arizona is an introverted and shy person by nature. Even as a child, she was a huge bookworm and loves novels more than anything. She is the relative of the phoenix and wears the clothes of the old phoenix priests. She met Black at summer camp and hasn’t left his side since.
from his side ever since.


Papst “Pep”

Pep is Black’s cheeky pet, but also his best buddy. Although he often infuriates his master, they are a well-coordinated team and can always rely on each other. Even though Pep has a very jokey personality, his wisdom and knowledge of his relatives is indispensable. Pep’s relative is the Djinnie. However, it is not yet fully known what his powers are..


Hunter “Hawk” Smitt

Hawk is a criminal who has been known for his rebellious nature since childhood. Hawk’s first appearance is in volume 2 of MYTH. Since then, he has (more or less involuntarily) been part of the group and owes his escape from prison to Black and co. Hawk’s relative is the griffin, which literally “gives him wings”. From his fights so far, you can see that Hawk has far more fighting experience than Black and co. as he has already developed his own techniques (e.g. the Hurricane Cut).



The god of the seas. Poseidon is a loyal devotee and Leviathan’s chief henchman. His main task has always been to train Leviathan’s relatives to become warriors. Poseidon has been married to the goddess Amphitrite for several millennia and is the full-time police chief of his district. Poseidon currently has no human who is his relative.



The good-natured Amphitrite lives a peaceful life together with Poseidon on their estate. Unlike her husband, Amphitrite is not a goddess, but a Nereid. Among the mythical creatures, she is considered one of the most beautiful. Amphitrite adores dolphins and rules the seas together with her husband.


Syrus O’Conner

Syrus is an optimistic and cheerful person by nature. His hobbies include skateboarding and music. He plays the drums himself and always has his drumsticks with him as a lucky charm.