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Over the years I have been able to accept commissions for many well-known companies.
The commissions have been varied; from video production to animation of advertising films
but of course I have also tackled classic illustration work for clients.

Clients from whom I have already accepted commissions:


The coolest commercial the fashion industry has ever seen

Anime commercial for LEFTLANE

In 2023, the owner of the clothing brand “LEFTLANE” approached me because they wanted a very special “anime style” commercial for their next collection.
The time limit for this was extremely tight, but I couldn’t do without animating the characters frame-by-frame so that the commercial would look as authentic and “anime” as possible.
I also drew effects such as explosions and fire frame by frame.
Instead, I replaced almost all the backgrounds and motorcycles with 3D models and used projection mapping and texture painting
to give it an “anime style”.
I tell you more about the creation of the commercial in the making-of video:


Traditional watercolor meets modern neon

Illustration for Sony’s “Stellar Blade”

SONY Playstation wanted an illustration to give away to their community for the release of the game “Stellar Blade” for the Playstation 5.
For larger commissions I always like to incorporate a unique “gimmick” into my paintings – in this case I wanted to paint the image with neon paint,
that glows in the dark.
As the painting was ultimately to be raffled off to a spectator, I naturally made sure that this effect in particular worked as well as possible.
I painted the finished picture with watercolor on DINA3 and also signed it with neon paint.

Gaming on a whole new level

A hand-painted gaming PC for Amazon

Amazon commissioned me to paint the case of a gaming PC for the game “Lost Ark”.
This job was one of the most elaborate projects I have tackled so far, as
Amazon didn’t just want a “simple” painting of the PC case.
I also 3D modeled and 3D printed the head of a dragon and added LED lighting.

Just painting the 2.5 square meter front of the PC was a big challenge,
which I tackled with acrylic paints. At that time, I was not yet very practiced with brushes, but
brushes, but the result turned out exactly as I had hoped.


My biggest picture so far

40 hours – 1 artwork.

One of the few personal projects I tackle on this scale.
Since the release of the videogame “Elden Ring” I have already created several illustrations
for the game, but it seemed to me that none of them did the game justice.
Furthermore, it had always been on my list to draw a large picture completely in black and white
with pen and ink alone. A rustic look would be incredibly suitable for such a drawing, which is why
which is why Elden Ring was the best choice of subject for this picture.
I live-streamed the entire process of hatching with pen and ink and in total this picture took me
this picture took me 40 hours of work.

My first time

An oil painting for BOESNER

I was allowed to paint a picture in oil for BOESNER for the first time in my life.
The brief was chosen at random – I was to paint a superhero in complementary colors in oil on canvas.

I was allowed to pick up everything I needed for the oil painting at a Boesner store near me.
Working with such a large chain for this commission was a great honor and the experience of working with oil paint for the first time
working with oil paint was a very unique experience.


How it all began…

These were a few of the projects I’ve tackled recently.
I’ve documented how my journey began here: