All about MYTH

MYTH is a self-created manga that I produced myself every year from 2015-2020. One of my best friends, Tobias Neu, took on the role of story writer. All previous parts of the manga are available in the store on this website. Apart from that, there are also some reading samples of MYTH. The original novel written by Tobias is not available.

Immerse yourself in the epic saga of Black, Pep and Arizona

On the path of MYTHical creatures…

MYTH tells the story of the trio consisting of the boy Black, his pet Pep and the girl Arizona. All three are so-called “soul mates” – living beings who each have a spiritual connection to a particular mythical creature from birth. Arizona is the relative of the phoenix, Pep’s relative is the djinnie and the leviathan is “related” to Black.

One day, during the annual summer camp where all three meet unsuspectingly, the Leviathan makes contact with Black for the first time to inform him of his great task:

He is to free the imprisoned Leviathan from his prison and thus from the clutches of three other dragons! In order to accomplish this task, the Leviathan gives Black a magical power – the MYTH. Black and his companions will need this power, because the three dragons and their relatives are already waiting for Black…


A magical adventure awaits

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The journey through the worlds of MYTH

  • 2015



    MYTH - Volume 1

    As soon as I finished school, I really wanted to use the remaining six months of free time to make my own manga. That's when I remembered the story that Tobias had written when I was at school - and Tobias liked the idea of revisiting "MYTH". So Tobias took care of most of the plot, story, dialog etc.. Meanwhile, I redesigned the characters that I originally designed when I was still at school. My main task, however, was to draw the first part of Tobias' written story as a manga and to realize it on 121 pages (5 chapters) and to finish it completely for printing. Originally it was supposed to stay that way, but Tobias wrote his story much more extensively than just for one volume. As I really enjoyed working on the manga, I started working on volume 2 straight away. worked on volume 2 immediately afterwards...

  • 2016



    MYTH - Volume 2

    I started work on volume 2 in February 2016 and by October 2016 I had drawn the 5 chapters it contains. I drew the first volume partly with liners. Now I wanted to switch completely to pen and ink. Because of this, but also because of the 3 color pages (which were only included in the first edition), the work was a bit more difficult.

  • 2017



    MYTH - Volume 3

    This volume is one of my favorites. Tobias' story took a turn into a darker area at this time. I really enjoyed the change from regular "shonen" manga to a light "horror" direction, it was a lot of fun to draw a more serious atmosphere. Since the story has slowly become a bit more extensive, I started printing a summary of the characters and the story so far at the beginning of the book from volume 3 onwards. the story so far. Parallel to the work on the manga, I also produced fully animated trailers for the manga series, which I uploaded to YouTube for publication.

  • 2018



    MYTH - Volume 4

    Because I wanted to improve for each volume, I thought of something very special for volume 4: Tobias was to start writing little side stories that I would include in the books in the form of extra chapters. So from now on, each volume will have 5 ½ chapters and at least 4 color pages in the first edition. In combination with the animated trailers, which also became more elaborate from year to year, I realized that I probably wouldn't be able to carry this load for much longer. probably wouldn't be able to carry this load for much longer and planned to finish the series the following year with volume 5.

  • 2019



    MYTH - Volume 5

    Originally, volume 5 was supposed to be the end of the series. However, the first arc (story section) of Tobias' story was not yet completely finished at this point in the story. completely finished. For this reason, I decided to give the series a more honorable ending instead of drawing a line in the middle of the story. I already had plans and ideas for projects and books that I wanted to realize after the manga series - but I had to postpone them for a year.

  • 2020



    MYTH - Volume 6

    Due to time constraints, but also partly for health reasons, I ended the MYTH manga series in December 2020. With over 10,000+ copies sold, the manga series will go down in history as the most successful German-language indie manga. The first section (The "Flashback Arc") of Tobias' story ended here. For the conclusion, I animated the most elaborate trailer, drew a complete extra chapter for volume 6 and produced a free (and strictly limited) collector's slipcase for the series. I'm very glad I continued MYTH through to volume 6 and finished it after the big, final battle. However, I was also happy to finally have time for other books and projects.