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Dec. 2021 I released my first ever Artbook! You can order here in my Online Shop. It contains pretty much everything you could imagine; from digital art to traditional art, from original work to Fanart. I had the goal of releasing an Artbook that has at least 100 pages - and finally, the artbook now has 150 pages. Also: The Artbook will be completely in german, but there's not gonna be much text in it anyway. Feel free to follow me on Social Media for Updates about the Artbook and my new Artworks!





I've started working with watercolour in Winter 2020 since I always adored this look and wanted to re-create it myself. I'm still kind of a newbie in this medium, but it has become my very favourite amongst all art mediums. I specify in Anime and Manga, but I also painted some Portaits and Landscapes in watercolour, you'll see for yourself when the artbook's released 🙂


Once in a while (and on Livestreams) I work digital as well. I switch styles quite often because I love how versitile digital art can be. So look forward to some styles you may not have expected from me! So there's not only manga and anime art but lots of more things I draw in this medium. I love switchin' it up and most of my digital artworks will be full-page spreads. You won't be disappointed!


The Artbook will contain a lot of Original Art about my Manga series. I designed these characters together with my Storywriter and I love drawing each and every one of 'em. That's why there will be a big focus around original art about our manga series in this artbook. I have a lot of artworks about Black, Pep, Arizona and co. in store that I didn't release yet. Can't wait to show 'em!


At the moment I do a lot of Fanart! I don't want the Artbook to be too Fanart-focused though since this isn't supposed to be a Fanart-Book. But be assured that there will be some of my favourite Fan-artworks in this Artbook. I've done Fanarts about Videogames, Anime-shows, Celebrities, things I enjoyed in my childhood and many more things. Pretty sure you're gonna recognize most of them.

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